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Since 2001 SOFT EXPRESS is constantly innovating and providing the right tools at the right time for different types of enterprises. We are here to help your organization to increase its productivity, improve its efficiency and make a better use of its assets. With our own products and resources and with the best partnerships, Soft Express it’s always moving faster and better in the direction where the markets go.

Guillermo Feder

Founder & CEO

IT Technologies Executive with an experience of 35 years in the IT markets, founder and stockholder of Soft Express, Inc. Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor in the Telecommunications industries, with proven experience in pioneering LATAM business territories in the global telecommunications market, through the commercial development of state of the art IT solutions.

Expertise: Technology and business scaled development, fast commercial development for independent IT businesses, IT business strategies design and deployment under critical scenarios, Continental and Regional expansive tactics development for IT businesses and new ventures, strategic alliance development for IT business, new businesses opportunities detection and development, new technologies resources management applied to IT businesses growth and expansive strategies.

Dulce Chiang

BD Director

Business Development executive, with 20 years of experience in the LATAM Telecommunications’ services market. Strong background in PR, IT Business Development and Management, and IT Sales.

Her achievements in these areas have impacted positively and strongly in the business’ revenues through high performance management, products and services value development and sales performance. Her background includes independent ventures and world class enterprises positions in companies like Ernst&Young and America Online.